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AmeriCorps at Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House’s mission to change the life trajectory of low-income people relies on cutting-edge services to the community. It demands excellence from inspired people who are passionate about transforming the conditions of poverty. We provide high-quality programs to diverse communities with a staff of 200 representing a wide range of cultures and 43 different languages and dialects. Our team of passionate, committed, high-energy AmeriCorps are critical to helping Neighborhood House achieve its vital mission.

The Programs

We are accepting applications now for the following positions in our 2014-15 AmeriCorps team: 

Early Childhood Education
Listing ID #49634 - Who wants to work when you can play?! When serving as an Early Childhood Educator AmeriCorps, your work is play. Through play and other evidence-based methods, you will support pre-school children in gaining social and emotional skills that they need for success in kindergarten, and help parents build community with each other and engage in their child's learning.

  •  High Point - 2 positions
  • Rainier Vista - 2 position
  •  NewHolly - 2 positions
  • Yesler Terrace - 2 positions

Youth Tutoring
Listing ID #49924 - Are you passionate about helping low-income kids get to college? As a tutor, you will provide afterschool homework help, recreational activities and field trips. You also plan and lead project-based learning activities to help kids learn through real-world problems and presentations to families, friends and the community.  

  • Burndale Homes, Auburn - 2 positions
  • Firwood Circle, Auburn - 2 positions 
  • Seola Gardens, White Center - 2 positions 

YELS/STEM (Youth Empowered with Leadership Strengths/Science Technology Engineering Math)
Listing ID #49921 - Love to Cook? Make? Snowboard? Neighborhood House YELS/STEM Members help to develop under-represented middle and high school student leaders through a wide range of service learning community projects, leadership programming, arts programming and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) programming at our High Point Center. Members serving with YELS/STEM develop curriculums, facilitate youth programming, provide outreach to youth, and engage and support community partners and volunteers. This is also an exciting opportunity to be part of a National Science Foundation research grant exploring STEM programming in under-represented communities.

  •  High Point – 2 positions

Where We Serve

AmeriCorps Commitment & Benefits

In exchange for a 10.5 month term of full time National Service from 9/1/14 to 7/15/14 (44 hours/week from September to March; then 40 hours per week from April to July) Neighborhood AmeriCorps Members receive:

·          $1,155/month living stipend (taxed)

·          $5,645 post-service Education Award, on successful completion of the term of service (taxed in the year that you use it)

·          Bus pass or mileage reimbursement for service related travel (Members will receive an Orca card with one-zone peak Puget Pass from September to June, then bus tickets for the last two weeks of service days in July)

·          Weekly (fall 2014) to biweekly (January to July 2015) AmeriCorps team meetings

·         Training in leadership, communication, cultural competency, first aid/CPR certification, disaster preparedness and site specific topics (up to 20% of the Member’s time)

·          Health insurance coverage from the Washington Service Corps (or through the Washington State Health Care Plan Finder website, depending on household income) if the Member does not already have coverage. 

·          Forbearance on qualified student loans

·          Childcare assistance for eligible Members

·          Eligibility for Basic Food (food stamps) and other public benefits if household meets DSHS requirements


Application Process

1.     First, please review the Member position descriptions posted above. (Click on the title in orange to read the full description.) Check that you meet the minimum qualifications for each position that you would like to be considered for, and that the Member activities, location and schedule are a good fit for you.

2.     Then, fill out the paper Neighborhood House AmeriCorps application and mail it to: AmeriCorps Program Manager, Neighborhood House, 905 Spruce St., Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104. Please write legibly in black or blue ink. - OR - Go to the national AmeriCorps application portal, click on “Apply to Serve” and create a My AmeriCorps account. Write and save your AmeriCorps application in this portal, including two community references. When your AmeriCorps application and references are complete, search for and click to apply to one or more of our 2014-15 program year listings. (Our listing ID#s are provided above).

3.     If the following questions have not been answered in your AmeriCorps application, please email them to:

1.       How did you hear about Neighborhood House AmeriCorps?

2.       Are you a past or current resident of public housing? If yes, what location?  

3.       Are you a past or current Neighborhood House client? If yes, what program(s)?

4.       What languages (other than English) do you speak? Please list language(s) and level of proficiency.

5.       What makes you want to commit to a year of National Service serving low-income, immigrant and refugee youth and families who live in public housing?

6.       What skills, strengths and knowledge do you bring, that will make you effective in serving low-income, immigrant and refugee youth or adults at Neighborhood House?

7.       What will be most challenging for you, in being effective in serving low-income, immigrant and refugee youth or adults at Neighborhood House? Where would you need the most support?

8.       Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you, in considering your application to serve in Neighborhood House AmeriCorps?

Once you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3 above, your application to Neighborhood House AmeriCorps is complete. We will contact you by phone or email if we are able to offer you an interview. 

Neighborhood House uses a two step interview process for our AmeriCorps team (first, with the Site Supervisor and then, with the AmeriCorps Program Manager). Then, finalists to our program must complete pass a National Service criminal record check and provide CNCS-required documentation of U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident status to enroll in AmeriCorps.


Our positions will be open until filled from April to July 2014. We will update this website regularly from April to July as positions are filled. 


If you have any questions about the Neighborhood House AmeriCorps application process, please contact:


Neighborhood House AmeriCorps Program Manager

206-461-8430 ext. 350

Meet our 2013-14 AmeriCorps Team!

Neighborhood House is thrilled to host another full-sized AmeriCorps team in 2013-14, with Members supporting vital education and employment programs serving low-income immigrant youth and families throughout Seattle and South King County.


Click below to read a few stories about our 2013-14 Members' service: 

More stories from our 2012-13 team:

Our 2012-13 AmeriCorps team members share about their service experience

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