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Ground Source Heat Pump

How It Works
The ground source heat pump is a complex system of tubes that uses the Earth's temperature to heat and cool the High Point Center.

First, thirty tubes were inserted 300 feet down, under the High Point Center's parking lot.  At that depth, the Earth's temperature stays relatively constant, between 52 and 56 degrees. 

Then during cold, winter days, fluid (which is, for example, 45 degrees) is pumped down to that depth where it is heated, and then pumped back into the building to help heat the center.  During hot, summer days, the fluid (which is, say, 70 degrees) is pumped down into the Earth where it is cooled, and then pumped back into the building to help cool it.

Did You Know?
  • There is nearly 3.5 miles of tubing snaking into the ground and back into the building.
  • A ground source heat pump system is 30% more efficient than a traditional HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system.
  • This system will pay for itself in approximately 7.5 years.